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Combination Massage by Sukotai Massage 1

Sukotai Massage 1 - thumbnailA combination massage is basically a massage which integrates or combines two or more massage styles or massage modalities. At Sukotai Massage 1, most of our massage services to our clients are done with combination massages. By combining massage styles or modalities, we are able to provide you with a more fulfilling massage session tailored to your degree of comfort and preference.

An example of one of our combination massages is our SUKOTAI Special Combination Massage. This combination uses Swedish massage techniques combined with Hot Stone massage techniques to increase circulation and metabolism a lot quicker than just one style. It is very popular with our clients who are seeking a more relaxing type of massage to relieve stresses and tensions from everyday encounters of life. You may view our customer feedback on this combination massage from our LivingSocial promotion on this style here.

Another popular combination massage with our clients is our Thai/Deep Massage. This massage combination uses the Thai Yoga style of stretching and Deep Tissue massage techniques. It is not designed for first time clients who hardly gets massages but is rather designed for clients who really want to get their knots and kinks worked out and those who get massages on a regular basis.

The above two examples are just that, examples. You may design your own combination massage with the massage styles or massage modalities that would suite you best. If you choose Hot Stone massage as one of the styles, we do need advance notice as our stones must be warmed for at least one hour to get them to their ideal temperature.

We are conveniently located at the Waimalu Landmark Building in Aiea, Waimalu, Hawaii. Please call us at 808-946-7117 to schedule an appointment for your combination massage session.

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