Massage Salon Facilities at Sukotai Massage 1

Our massage facilities at the Waimalu Landmark Building are very clean, comfortable and relaxing. The setting is a blend of Thai and Hawaiian themed ambiance. We have spacious massage rooms. An onsite restroom is also available for your convenience in our massage salon. The pictures on this page reflect how our massage facilities looked when we first opened. For an updated look of our massage salon facilities, please visit our Massage Facilities SlideShow page. Since we have moved to Aiea, Waimalu, we will be updating the slideshow soon. We are continually striving to offer you a serene and inviting atmosphere to get you into a relaxing mood for your therapeutic session with us.

Sukotai Massage 1 LLC shop front

Sukotai Massage 1 LLC shower bathroom
Sukotai Massage 1 LLC front looking in
Sukotai Massage 1 LLC bamboo room
Sukotai Massage 1 LLC office room
Sukotai Massage 1 LLC bamboo room 1
Sukotai Massage 1 LLC massage room
Sukotai Massage 1 LLC massage bed
Sukotai Massage 1 LLC massage room
Massage-Room-middle-2-thumbSukotai Massage 1 LLC massage oils, tools

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The following products are used in our massage facilities:

Massage Tables by Earthlite®.Earthlite-Massage-Tables

Massage Tables by Oakworks®. Oakworks-Massage-Tables

Advanced Massage Gels and Lotions by Biotone®. Biotone-Massage-Gels-Lotions

For pain where it hurts, Tiger Balm®.  Tiger-Balm-Where-it-Hurts

We like to keep our shop extremely clean for all our customers. We graciously and kindly ask that you please remove your shoes or footwear upon entering our massage facilities. It is the traditional Asian style of living.

Kop Koon Ka!
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