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Rate Us on Yelp – Sukotai Massage 1

If you have been to our massage salon and enjoyed your massage therapy session, please take the time to rate us on Yelp. Below you will find a link to our official Yelp page to help you start your rating. We would like to sincerely thank those who have taken their time to provide a rating and especially those who have left a positive rating…thank you very much!



Sukotai Massage 1 LLC on Yelp

Sukotai Massage 1


“About Yelp

Yelp (NYSE: YELP) connects people with great local businesses. Yelp was founded in San Francisco in July 2004. Since then, Yelp communities have taken root in major metros across the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Singapore and Poland. Yelp had a monthly average of 84 million unique visitors in Q3 2012*. By the end of Q3 2012, Yelpers had written more than 33 million rich, local reviews, making Yelp the leading local guide for real word-of-mouth on everything from boutiques and mechanics to restaurants and dentists. Yelp’s mobile application was used on 8.2 million unique mobile devices on a monthly average basis during Q3 2012. For more information, please visit http://www.yelp.com/ or send an email to press@yelp.com.”……..Quoted from Yelp


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